Thursday, June 26, 2008

Speaking of the War for Oil in Afghanistan... I Mean Iraq... I Mean Iran

With all the renewed media *cough* interest in Afghanistan and bin Laden over the past few weeks, scant scrutiny's been given to the no-bid contracts going to Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, et al, as they prepare to collect the spoils from our illegal war in Iraq. Even less scrutiny's gone to Iran, where we are perched to go war.

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While we've been busy thinking about gas prices and who's more patriotic -- Cindy or Michelle -- support has been growing on Capitol Hill to pass Resolutions 362 and 580, giving Bush license to go to war against Iran, not unlike the Iraq war resolution passed in 2002.

The broken-wing-bird ruse being used by the Administration, with the apparent complicity of the media, seems to be working because, for whatever reason, everyone's looking the other way. Few Americans seem aware that, as early as next week, the House could pass Resolution 362, with its sister resolution, Resolution 580, gaining support in the Senate, as we speak. I suppose they'll tell us about it when we need to know. Right?

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